Outdoor Grow Kit

The Outdoor Grow Kit puts the power of cannabis cultivation in your hands.


Cannabis Growing Simplified

Now anybody can grow premium quality cannabis!

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“Super clear instructions. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to give to my grow, but this was a great help in just getting things done. And amazing quality too!”


“I would think this one is for beginners only. If you know what you’re doing then go for the barrel – it’s a little more complicated but you can cater to your own tastes much easier.”


“I just love the design of the barrel. Great for storing 20-50g at home for myself. It’s well designed and keeps my weed moisturized so it doesn’t lose flavour. Love it!”


“I had so much fun growing for the first time this year. The explainer videos were informative and to the point. Some of the tools were a little scary at first but once I got into it I felt like a pro! Delighted!”


“There’s nothing better than some good Silver Haze first thing in the morning. With the outdoor grow kit I’m able to grow my own strains and know exactly where it comes from and exactly what to expect from it. No going back now.”

Anna V. 

“I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier. Life is so much easier now growing a couple of plants at home in my garden – I don’t have to worry about calling people at the last minute anymore.”


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